Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners: How to Start Selling on Amazon FBA in 2022

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Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners: How to Start Selling on Amazon FBA in 2022

Grow your profits by selling on Amazon FBA

Hi there! 

It's the Zab Twins again, presenting a comprehensive guide on how to start your Amazon FBA journey. But before we jump into that, we're sure you're wondering why you should keep reading. 

Well, the Zab Twins are expert e-commerce coaches dedicated to helping beginners take their businesses to new heights by making their products stand out. With Brian's outside-of-the-box sales strategies and Arek's ability to make data-driven decisions, the Zabriek duo can help new-sellers secure success from day one!

During the last decade, Amazon grew rapidly, experiencing a whopping 1000% revenue growth and over 30% of the cloud business market share. As the platform increases in popularity, more entrepreneurs are turning to it to achieve their six-figure dreams.

But getting started on Amazon and hitting your goals is not quick or easy. This guide will tell you all the nitty-gritty of creating a profitable brand on Amazon FBA. You can also click on this video, where we walk you through each step to help you succeed.

The Ultimate 2022 Guide to Make $1000 per Month By Selling on Amazon FBA

Sorry to burst your bubble; 99% of Amazon sellers do not become millionaires. So, what can you do to become that 1% out of 3 million active sellers to start earning over $100,000?

Simple: you close the several hundred articles and YouTube videos of business gurus telling you Amazon is the quickest way to get rich! Yes, the e-commerce platform offers a straightforward way to showcase your products to a global audience. But that doesn't mean your profits will start rolling in overnight.

If you want to carve the path to digital success, you need the right resources and the right information. Lucky for you, in this in-depth guide, we'll discuss the steps you need to take to create a profitable Amazon FBA business:

P.S. If you're not a fan of reading, you can learn how to start selling on Amazon FBA in less than minutes here.

Step # 1: Determine Which Category You Fit In

First and foremost, you need to identify which category you fit into:

You're Spending Money

According to research, Amazon makes over $1.29 billion per day. How? Every day, 2.7 billion people click on its website, search for a product, and purchase it.

So, these people are spending money to acquire a product, meaning they are buyers.

You're Receiving Money

On the contrary, you'll become the seller if you want to receive the money. Insightful research shows that over 62.2% of Amazon's GMV value comes from third-party sellers.

As a third-party seller, you take a product, rebrand it, and tap into Amazon's expansive consumer base to create a profitable business. And that's where Amazon FBA sellers fit in!

Step # 2: Take Advantage of State-of-the-Art Software

Once you understand the category you fit in, it's time to move on to the practicalities of finding a product and selling it on Amazon.

Here's the thing: most first-time sellers mistake launching a product they believe is in demand. That's why you need to use robust tools like Helium 10, Viral Launch, or JungleScout. With these innovative tools, you can access essential insights and tools necessary to make data-driven decisions.

With these all-in-one platforms, you can identify a particular product's competition, ratings, rankings, and average revenue. Furthermore, these tools offer you graphic sales charts, allowing you to determine if your desired item is trending or experiencing seasonal demand. Consequently, you can confidently choose a product with high demand and low competition.

Remember, the key to carving a profitable business on Amazon FBA is launching a product with high demand, low competition, and a unique selling point. Once you spot such a product, you can cut through the buzz and drive customers to your product listing.

Bonus tip: Ideally, you should choose a product that's lightweight, inexpensive, and not brand dominated.

P.S. you can enjoy 20% off your first six months on Helium10 with code “THEZABTWINS6M20” or 10% off every month with “THEZABTWINS10!” 

Step # 3: Source Your Product for a Competitive Price

After finding the ideal product, you need to source it bulk from e-commerce platforms like Alibaba. This marketplace allows you to unlock product listings from different suppliers and manufacturers.

Simply enter your desired item in the search bar and hit enter. As a result, the e-commerce market will provide you with a list of search results, each available at a different price and with a unique set of features.

Let's say we're planning to sell garlic presses on Amazon. If you search for this product on Alibaba, you'll find it for as low as $0.05. But if you search for the same item on Amazon, you'll notice the lowest price is around $14.70, meaning you can count on a positive ROI if you decide to sell it.

Keep in mind sourcing and selling products on e-commerce platforms includes a lot of money transactions. So, create a virtual bank account using a safe and trustworthy website like TransferWise. That way, you can hold, send, and receive money without worrying about hidden fees, interest, or scams.

Step # 4: Create an Optimized Product Listing

Like Google, Amazon requires you to populate your product listing with the right keywords to improve visibility by ranking you high in search engine results.

Start with conducting keyword research with the tools we discussed above. After that, create compelling and optimized content for your listings, including titles, product descriptions, and FAQs, to make Amazon's algorithm work for you.

Moreover, aim to answer questions your ideal buyer might have so they feel confident choosing your brand.

Bonus: A fantastic way to overcome your competition early on in your e-commerce journey is by optimizing your products and listings by running split and video user tests. Use ProductPinion to access real-time feedback on how your target audience is interacting with keywords, competitors, and products. 

Step # 5: Ship the Product to Amazon's Warehouse

Now that you've chosen a product, you need to ship it from China to Amazon's warehouses in the U.S. However, before you send it to Amazon’s warehouse, you must run an inspection test. Here you have two options:

  • If you’re in the U.S., you can get samples delivered to your home 
  • If you’re selling in the U.S. marketplace from another country, you can get a third-party inspection 

We recommend getting your products tested by a trustworthy third-party inspection team like Movely. That way, you can get neutral, unbiased video and photo reports of your products to prevent  potential bad reviews and returns. 

Once you find a product that matches your needs, it’s time to connect with a freight forwarder. Your freight forwarder will pick up your product from China, put it on a boat, bring it to the U.S., and send it to Amazon's warehouse. After that, Amazon will intake it and update your inventory so you can go live and start selling!

Step # 6: Get Ready to Launch

Last but not least, it's time to go launch! Before doing this, remember to optimize your product listing and advertise or reach out to influencers to grow brand awareness.

That way, you can attract sales and start building your brand.

The Bottom Line

Starting an Amazon FBA business on your own can be intimidating. But by selecting the right products and carefully optimizing your product listing, you can create your path to success. Remember, even after you start making sales, keeping ahead requires continuous learning and constant maintenance.

Start your journey to creating a successful Amazon business by partnering the FBA Studio today! Choose between three impressive packages to unlock quality copywriting, photography, packaging, branding, and many more services to scale your Amazon FBA business. 

If you're stuck in your business, you can schedule a free call with the Zab Twins here. Or, you can check our YouTube channel to find actionable tips you can incorporate to grow your Amazon FBA business! 



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