The Ultimate Hack to Rank Number 1 on Amazon in Two Days

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PPC Hacks: The Ultimate Strategy to Rank Number 1 on Amazon in Two Days!

Rank number one on Amazon in less than three days with this PPC Hack

Welcome Back!

It's Arek, the analytical twin, and today I'm excited to show you another fantastic PPC hack to overcome your competition. But before we jump into how you can rank number 1 in less than three days, let me introduce myself.

My twin brother Brian and I are professional e-commerce coaches and business mentors helping students worldwide create 7-figure businesses. We combine our 4+ years of experience with our passion for guiding your venture in the right direction. Together, we've helped over 150 students learn tried and tested tactics to hack Amazon's algorithm and unlock financial freedom. 

It's no secret that Amazon is the world's most competitive e-commerce marketplace. As of 2022, over 6.3 million sellers and 1.5 million active third-party merchants are on the platform. It means you have to compete with hundreds and thousands of sellers! 

Research by JungleScout reveals that Amazon's first search result page experiences 80% of all clicks, and the first three listings enjoy 60% of those clicks. Therefore, you'll get little to no traffic unless you rank within the first 48 products on Amazon's search results. 

Below I've created a step-by-step guide to creating a killer PPC campaign to help you rank number one on Amazon. With my tried and tested strategy, you can increase your visibility in Amazon's algorithm and ensure you don't miss out on qualified traffic. Consider checking out my video, where I discuss the ultimate PPC hack to grow your profits and sales by improving search result ranking. 

Complete Guide to Ranking High on Amazon in Less than Three Days

Over 4000 items are sold on Amazon per minute. The question is, how do you ensure it's your product they're buying? 

Easy: you improve your Amazon Product Rank. Because if you're not ranking on Amazon's first search result page, you will lose considerable traffic. In fact, research shows that 70% of Amazon buyers don't scroll past the first page. That means only 30% of shoppers click on the second search result page. 

Let's look into how you can improve your ranks by optimizing your product listings. We'll also discuss which PPC campaigns you must create to secure the number one spot on Amazon in less than three days: 

P.S. not a fan of reading? Watch the video edition of this article here.

Step # 1: Find Relevant Keywords 

Like any search engine, Amazon has a unique algorithm that uses keywords to determine which products offer the best results. Knowing how to use the right keywords allows you to focus your research and drive targeted traffic that helps convert leads.  

Let's discuss in-depth how you can find relevant keyword terms:

Discover the Right Keywords

Start by conducting in-depth research to find low-competitive, high-search-volume keywords. Ideally, your keyword should have less competition and offer high conversion rates. Why? Because your goal is to reach Amazon's number-one Product Rank and stay there.   

Additionally, you want to ensure your organic rank speaks louder than your ad spends; if not, thousands of dollars will go down the drain. Conversely, hitting the number one spot and converting helps you gain profitability and improve sales. 

Identify Opportunities to Rank

Here's the truth: you can't rank for any keyword; cross your fingers and hope to make it big. If you focus on keywords your top competitors are ranking for, you will fail. 

Therefore, focus on finding high search volume keywords for which your competitors are not ranking. 

Use State-of-the-Art Tools

Simplify the process of high-quality keywords by taking advantage of innovative e-commerce tools. You can try all-in-one Amazon software like Helium 10, Astro Pro, SellerRise, and Data Dive to unlock insights into relevant data.  

Furthermore, you can leverage these tools to pinpoint high-conversion keywords boasting high search volume and low competition. 

Psst…you can start using a state-of-the-art Amazon tool, Helium 10, at a lower cost by using my discount codes. Use “ZAB6M20” to enjoy 20% off the first six months or “THEZABTWINS10” to get 10% off forever! 

Step # 2: Isolate Your Main Keywords

Once you find an extensive list of potential keywords, it's time to isolate the best one. As a beginner, it's best to select three to five unique keywords and create a budget.  

If you're a pro at PPC, you can try targeting over ten keywords based on your niche. 

Step # 3: Choose Your PPC Campaigns 

Next, it's time to set up our PPC campaigns! Let's discuss the two types of Amazon PPC campaigns you'll need here:

Exact Manual Amazon PPC Campaign

The first thing we'll do is create an Exact Manual Amazon PPC campaign. Start by picking one keyword per campaign and curate its budget. I know: don't we always use three to five keywords per campaign? Yes, but the fact is that it doesn't offer efficiency and accuracy. 

On the contrary, limiting your keywords to one per campaign allows you to identify what offers results and measure performances. Consequently, you can focus your budget and time on scaling PPC campaigns that provide tangible results. Besides this, try investing the maximum amount of money you can to ensure you're stealing maximum traffic from your competitors.  

Doing this will allow you to influence purchases, boost sales velocity, and beat Amazon's algorithm. In addition, you should aim to attract as many, if not more, sales than the number one seller in your target niche. For instance, if the top retailer for the keyword "Garlic Press" enjoys ten sales per day, you should convert over ten customers. 

Product Targeting Rank or Indexing Campaign 

As the name suggests, a Product Targeting Rank or Indexing campaign helps you get indexed for multiple keywords. You'll have to find your competitors' top keywords to set up this campaign. That way, you can boost your visibility on Amazon and drive traffic to your product listing. 

Let's assume we want to target three keywords: Garlic Press, Garlic Press Stainless Steel, and Garlic Press Stainless. We'll start by finding our top fifteen competitors and launch our PPC campaign. After that, we'll focus on identifying whether our product appears in our target audience's search results.  

If your campaign yields a positive result, you have indexing power and can steal qualified traffic from your competitors. However, if your P.T. Rank campaign doesn't perform, remove that campaign. 

To Sum It Up

That's all about using Amazon's PPC campaigns to rank number one! Amazon is still an untapped opportunity for entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses hungry for growth. So, take the time to conduct in-depth keyword research to discover new opportunities to skyrocket your sales.  

Follow my step-by-step guide to setting up a killer campaign to hack the platform and increase sales. You can attract qualified traffic by structuring a high-quality Exact Manual Amazon campaign, improve conversions, and grow profitability. Furthermore, you can find keywords to capitalize on by launching Product Targeting Rank campaigns. 

So, the question is, which campaign will you start with? Got any queries? You can contact Brian and me by booking a free call today! Or you can check out my YouTube channel and blog posts.


Arek Zabierek

amazon Coach

If you’re looking to accelerate your eCommerce business with tried and tested tactics and strategies, then book your free call today.  We can’t wait to work with you!

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If you’re looking to accelerate your eCommerce business with tried and tested tactics and strategies, then book your free call today.  We can’t wait to work with you!