We Spent Over $115,000 on Mentorship for Amazon FBA!- Was It Worth It?

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We Spent Over $115,000 on Mentorship for Amazon FBA!- Was It Worth It?

Investing in Amazon FBA mentorship can grow your profits

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It’s the Zab Twins, back with another exciting article on creating a profitable Amazon FBA business. But first, allow us to tell you why you should read this blog.  

The Zab Twins are professional e-commerce coaches with experience in helping people build successful businesses on Amazon and find financial success. Brian and Arek Zabriek utilize their marketing and sales knowledge and years of experience to help new sellers capitalize on the growth potential of their e-commerce store.   

Over 140,000 third-party sellers earn more than $100,000 annually through Amazon FBA! But behind the glory of hitting that six-figure dream is hundreds of missteps and failures, which goes without saying. It’s a no-brainer that you can’t achieve success without overcoming unexpected setbacks and challenges. 

You can, however, unlock your full capabilities, expand your skillset, and learn to shift your perspective to problem-solve better the obstacles that cross your path. But how? With the help of qualified mentors!

We know what you’re thinking: are mentors really worth it? Or are they just scammers? Lucky for you, that’s what we’ll discuss in today’s article; after all, we spent $115,000 on mentorship! You can also click on this video, where we unravel our journey of working with different mentors and coaches. 

Is An Amazon FBA Mentor the Right Choice for Me?

When we first joined Amazon FBA, we really wanted an Amazon FBA mentor. Why? Because we believed that mentorship would help us learn the steps necessary to become a professional Amazon seller by providing direct contact and personalized guidance.  

We believed that Amazon mentors could help us meet our individual needs and goals, so we invested over $115,000 (more than the average household income!) in mentorship. And that’s also why we’re the perfect person to ask, “Should I get an Amazon FBA mentor or not?”

Here’s what we learned: mentorship programs can help you convert $115,000 into a whopping $300,000. Yes, we enjoyed a profit of over $200,000! So, what are we saying? 

Mentors are experts in their field; they know exactly what you want and have the experience to help you ensure success. But to combine knowledge with experience and learn the skills to implement both, you need to find the right mentor. To help you achieve that, we’ll talk about the different types of mentors you should work with and the tips for finding someone who’s highly qualified and trained: 

P.S. you can skip reading this article by clicking on this video here.

Different Types of Mentors We Worked With 

Not every mentoring program will serve the same purpose, but they’re all dynamic and personal. To help scale our business, we worked with the following four types of mentors:

  1. Coaches and Programs

Mentorship programs and coaches encourage team collaboration as opposed to personal training. Typically, they include on-demand training and group coaching support to help you learn proven and up-to-date business strategies.  

The pro of coaches and programs is the opportunity to expand your professional network and work with like-minded professionals.

  1. Business Mentors

Business mentors have specialized expertise in scaling businesses and, thus, can significantly impact your business’s growth.  

The best part of hiring a business mentor is receiving guidance based on real-world experiences and insights that deliver success. 

  1. Consultants

Unlike business mentors, consultants offer professional advice and guidance in a particular area. They address your company’s end-to-end needs and provide comprehensive strategies to optimize and support your business.

  1. Life Mentors

The right mentor can help you transform your career by helping you outside of work. They contribute to your professional growth by helping you build an entrepreneurial mindset.    

More importantly, they inspire, motivate, and guide you to change your future entirely.

Why Did We Spend So Much Cash on Mentorship? 

A training course can help you acquire the knowledge you need to succeed. But it doesn’t provide you with experience, and removing experience from it means you have to apply the information and then figure out the issues as they arise.  

This will not lead you to success!  

On the contrary, having access to someone who knows what they’re doing, who can guide you through your problems, and reveal the obstacles you might face, can be priceless. And that’s why mentors are the key to unlocking your inner potential and scaling your Amazon FBA business.  

Let’s discuss the top four benefits of investing in a mentorship program:

Taking Our Business to the Next Level 

With more experience and knowledge, mentors are in the ideal position to offer insight. They have the expertise to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes, identify bottlenecks sabotaging your success, and adopt the right strategies to grow your brand.  

Additionally, mentors can guide you to acquire practical skills and overcome obstacles you might face. The best part? You get the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. 

Associating a Monetary Value to Motivate Ourselves 

It’s no shocker that you work harder when you associate a monetary value with something. You aim to make the money work for you, so naturally, you put in more effort.  

As a result, you work harder to hit your goals and ensure you get a positive ROI.  

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Your mindset is a critical part of personal development and business success. A good business mindset can help you find opportunities in failure and reach your goals. 

The fact is that not every product you sell will provide you with a positive return on investment. You will face failures, and you will have to overcome challenges. But to do that, you must have an entrepreneurial mindset.  

Successful entrepreneurs embrace mistakes and challenges as opportunities to master new skills to succeed in the future.

Tapping Into a Pool of Like-Minded Professionals 

Mentorship programs open you up to a robust network of like-minded professionals. Particularly in coaches and training programs, you collaborate with other professionals, enabling you to develop soft skills and unlock new business opportunities. 

Additionally, expanding your network helps you gain access to professionals with diverse skills that can help you scale your business. 

How Did We Find Qualified Mentors?

Mentorship programs are all about getting the support, advice, and critical feedback you need to transform your career trajectory. But finding the right mentor to define and meet your goals takes time and research. 

We’ve made this task easy by revealing the three ways we found mentors that helped us convert $115,000 to $300,000:

Taking Advantage of the Power of Referrals

Ideally, your mentor should have something in common with you. To find the perfect match, tap into your network. Consider joining groups and professional communities, expanding your network, and finding qualified mentors. 

Following Journeys 

Investing money in anything is a huge risk.

An excellent way to mitigate the risk of investing money in a mentorship program is by following the journey of a mentor, either on social media or on blogs.

Conducting In-depth Research

Before investing in a mentorship program, ensure you do your due diligence. Additionally, make sure you choose a mentor who aligns with your values.       

The Bottom Line

Before you close this article, we want to ask you a question: Do you think it was worth investing $115,000 in mentorship? And is that something you would do?  

Remember, mentors will cheer you on, share valuable knowledge, provide guidance, and help you uncover fantastic opportunities to reach your goals. Moreover, they’ll help you expand your network, raise your confidence, and help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset to help you grow a profitable Amazon FBA business.  

Mentorship can be a crucial relationship in your business, one that has the potential to transform your career path. If you’re ready to be in control of your career trajectory, you can talk to the Zab Twins to discover more about Amazon mentorship. 


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If you’re looking to accelerate your eCommerce business with tried and tested tactics and strategies, then book your free call today.  We can’t wait to work with you!