Why Sell On Amazon- 4 Reasons You Need to Start Today

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Why Sell On Amazon- 4 Reasons You Need to Start Today! 

Start selling on Amazon to create a successful brand before it's too late!

Hey there! 

It’s Arek, and today, I want to discuss why you need to start selling on Amazon! But before we dive into the countless benefits of this e-commerce marketplace, allow me to introduce myself. 

I’m Arek Zabierek, the analytical twin, and I’m an executive e-commerce coach. Brian, my twin brother, and I help hundreds of students discover the path to success and capitalize on their growth potential. Together, we’ve helped 150+ people transform the trajectory of their life through foolproof Amazon FBA strategies and proven tricks.  

Amazon is the most massive e-commerce marketplace, amassing up to 300 active sellers and enjoying 50% of the total online market share. But with over 3700 sellers joining the platform daily, the marketplace is becoming oversaturated.  

Today, e-commerce sellers face fierce competition and savvy buyers. So, unless you find a unique product that caters to customers’ needs, you’ll drown in the sea of aspiring entrepreneurs. On the bright side, finding a new product can still help you win on Amazon.  

But not for too long! In this article, I’ll list the top four reasons you must start selling on Amazon today. Besides this, I’ll dive into the benefits of selling on Amazon and how you can kick-start your e-commerce journey today:

Start Selling on Amazon FBA Before It’s Too Late

Research shows that third-party sellers account for 60% of Amazon sales and 58% of revenues, which means the platform provides newbies massive opportunities to create and scale their businesses. But as more entrepreneurs populate the e-commerce market, new sellers find it increasingly challenging to make their voices heard.  

If you want to succeed on Amazon, now’s your chance! As Amazon’s revenue drops, new sellers must join the marketplace before it’s too late. Below I’ll discuss several reasons you need to get started on Amazon today: 

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Top Benefits of Selling on Amazon FBA

Before I jump into why you need to start selling on Amazon, let’s discuss several benefits of this e-commerce marketplace and why everyone gravitates toward it:

Fully Location Independent 

78% of workers want businesses to offer location flexibility. While not all companies can provide that, Amazon enables you to run your business from anywhere! 

That means veterans, doctors, and full-time employees can kick-start their Amazon FBA brand as a side business!

Thousands of Potential Customers

Did you know that 61% of U.S. consumers kick-start product hunting on Amazon? For new sellers, this statistic means joining Amazon makes it easy to get your listing in front of your target audience.  

Furthermore, 89% of buyers reveal they are more likely to purchase from Amazon. Therefore, creating your Amazon FBA brand offers you unmatched exposure. Besides this, the platform boasts over 163.5 million loyal customers!

Unlimited Storage Space

When running your business, you’ll have to outsource your warehousing, which costs over $7.96 per square foot. As your brand scales, the number can quickly turn into thousands.

However, using Amazon FBA eliminates the need to purchase a warehouse. Not only can you save costs, but you’ll also have no limitations on storage and the number of products!

Effortless Shipping and Logistics

Here’s why so many sellers love Amazon FBA: the company does everything for you! From storing and packaging to shipping and handling returns, Amazon handles your brand’s logistics.  

You only have to keep track of your listings, optimization, and branding. For a minimal fee, you can take the stress of logistics off your shoulder. 

Fast Shipping Times

Research shows that 88% of shoppers agree they would purchase from an e-commerce store offering free shipping, and 90% would buy online more if provided free shipping. 

Good news: Amazon offers free shipping to Prime members- millions of customers!

E-commerce is Taking Over

E-commerce is the future. In fact, research reveals that online businesses account for 9.05 billion dollars in revenue, making the U.S. the second biggest e-commerce market worldwide.  

Furthermore, Statista believes the market will grow by a whopping 42% during the next five years. 

Four Reasons to Get Started on Amazon Today

If you haven’t yet started selling on Amazon, here are a few reasons to nudge you in the right direction:

Amazon is Becoming Oversaturated

Research shows that new sellers grew by 12% from 2018 to 2019 and 45% between 2019 and 2020. Furthermore, the number of third-party sellers increased by 13% in the third quarter of 2022! 

Thus, it’s clear that Amazon is becoming oversaturated. But that does not mean you can’t succeed! According to Jungle Scout, up to 63% of sellers become successful within one year, and 25% earn over $100,000 in two years! 

The Economy is Volatile 

It’s no secret: there is a massive risk of another recession hitting the country. As inflation reaches an all-time high and interest rates skyrocket, it’s no surprise the economy is volatile. Consequently, prices, demand, and sales in e-commerce are often unstable.  

The question is: how do you create a recession-proof business? Easy, you join Amazon- the platform that grew profits and sales during a recession and the pandemic! Besides this, expert investors believe the marketplace will hit $366.08 by 2034, indicating a 289% growth.

More and More Challenging to Ship Products from China 

China is the world’s manufacturing hub and has maintained that position for up to 12 years! Unfortunately, sellers now face delayed shipping in the U.S. and soaring prices- two factors that can hurt their business.  

Furthermore, shippers face supply chain chaos as more new sellers join the e-commerce marketplace, decreasing productivity. The key to winning is setting up your online business and connecting with a trustworthy and reliable retailer today!

Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs 

Research by the National Science Foundation reveals that our brains produce up to 50,000 thoughts per day. Moreover, our mind repeats 95% of these ideas. 

So, if you keep telling yourself, “I can’t do this,” “I’ll start tomorrow,” “I’m not good enough to do this,” or “I’m too young/old,” you will never achieve your dreams.  

Working with a professional e-commerce and life coach can help you overcome these limiting beliefs and kick-start your Amazon business before it’s too late.

Is It Too Late- Determining Whether You Can or Can’t Start on Amazon

Absolutely not! Amazon is full of tangible opportunities for new sellers. Stay committed and take the first step to create a successful Amazon FBA business.  

Once you get started, you’ll find countless opportunities to grow and scale your Amazon business. Ultimately, beginning your online journey today instead of waiting can help you unlock financial freedom.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, you can grow a profitable brand on Amazon despite the market becoming competitive and saturated. The key to winning is finding your strengths, overcoming your limiting beliefs, and working with mentors who can guide your business to success.  

Furthermore, you can ease the journey by leveraging all-in-one Amazon tools like Helium 10. With my discount codes, “ZAB6M20” and “THEZABTWINS10,” you can enjoy 20% off your first six months or 10% forever! 

If you’re unsure how to create a profitable Amazon FBA business, you can book a call with Arek and I to receive free guidance. You can also surf my blog and YouTube channel to discover the ins and outs of Amazon FBA!


Arek Zabierek

amazon Coach

If you’re looking to accelerate your eCommerce business with tried and tested tactics and strategies, then book your free call today.  We can’t wait to work with you!

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If you’re looking to accelerate your eCommerce business with tried and tested tactics and strategies, then book your free call today.  We can’t wait to work with you!